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40 years' experience at your service

Cartiera di Nave is a long-standing family-run company that has been working in the paper industry for over 40 years. Our two divisions (papermaking and paper processing) employ over 50 members of staff and occupy an area of over 18,000 m2.
We produce recycled solid board, both in reels and sheets, suitable for many different uses, mainly to be combined with plastic films for the production of food supplies, such as pastry trays, cake circles and boards and other food containers. We supply most packaging manufacturers for the baking industry in Italy and we are among the first to have designed products for this particular use.
The quality of our products, flexibility of our manufacturing process and prompt response to our customers' needs have made us competitive both on the Italian and international market for decades.

Cartiera di Nave S.p.A.

Creating, manufacturing & processing

We manufacture recycled solid board, both single-ply and multi-ply, of the following types: WHITE/GREY, WHITE/WHITE, GREY/GREY and VEGETABLE WOOD PULP FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY (Greener ®).


Available in two-ply or three-ply sheets up to 2,400 g/m2, laminated with plastic film of various kinds and colours, die-cut and customised.


Cake circles and boards with or without hole; white/white, white/gold, smooth or turned edge, may be fully customised to suit the customer's needs.


We produce one-side coated solid board from 450 g/m2 to 2,400 g/m2


We laminate paper and cardboard using all kinds of plastic film for various uses.


We die-cut all types of solid board, both for direct sale and as subcontractors.


All types of circles, boards and trays for the food industry.

Cartiera di Nave spa - Greener

Our innovative wood pulp cardboard (Greener®) is certified for use in contact with wet and dry food.

Cartiera di Nave S.p.A.


Cartiera di Nave S.p.A.

The best support after your hands
Cartiera di Nave - Greener

Our R&D Department has recently optimised the production of an innovative type of cardboard made from wood pulp and registered with the trademark Greener®, which is certified for use in contact with wet and dry food.

FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATION: our Greener® cardboard regularly undergoes food safety analyses by the SSCCP (Pulp and Paper Experimental Station) Agency based in Milan. The Agency certifies that our Greener® cardboard is suitable to be used in contact with wet and dry food, pursuant to the Ministerial Decree dated 21/03/1973 (as subsequently amended and integrated).

Scarica la scheda tecnica
Scarica la Dichiarazione di conformità
  • recyclable and biodegradable
  • made exclusively using national, totally chlorine-free (TCF) wood pulp
  • water-repellent
  • oil and grease resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • extremely solid
  • free from adhesives and plastic films
  • available in reels and sheets from 450 g/m2 to 800 g/m2

Greener® is a brand new product available on the market at highly competitive prices. With continuous investment in new technologies, we guarantee a rigorous production process in order to comply with the product's declared characteristics.
Greener® is a registered trademark.

Cartiera di nave - Greener

Cartiera di Nave S.p.A.

Quality at the service of the environment

Cartiera di Nave S.p.A.

Products made from waste paper - respect for the environment, first of all

The term waste paper or recovered fibre refers to paper that has already been used for the purpose for which it was made and is reused in the production process. One of the main characteristics of paper pulp is that it can be reused several times. This means that a sheet of used paper can be recycled to produce new paper.

Waste paper pulp is a raw material with approx. 95% yield as against the lower yield of wood pulp, which is between 30% and 80% depending on the type of milling process in use (semi-chemical, mechano-chemical-thermal, mechano-chemical or mechanical). With the traditional semi-chemical process (kraft), to make 1 tonne of pure pulp paper you need from 2-3.5 tonnes of wood. Not to mention the great energy- and water-saving benefits of waste paper. Although the recycling process almost always requires de-inking, the fibre does not need to be separated from lignin and other encrusting substances. This means an 80% reduction in water consumption and up to 50% energy saving.

Prodotti base macero



Papermaking, paper processing, semi-finished and finished products, die-cut and customised products.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Greener

Greener - Certified for use with food products and for its low environmental impact

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Products made from waste paper

We produce various types of one-side coated solid board from 450 g/m2 to 2,400 g/m2. Click here to see or download the products' technical specifications.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Laminated products

We laminate cardboard using all types of plastic film.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Die-cut products

We die-cut all types of solid board, both for direct sale and as subcontractors.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Finished products

A wide range of finished, laminated and die-cut products.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Finished products

Coloured trays in a range of finishes.

Cartiera di nave S.p.A. - Elite Products

Please contact us for further information on our Elite products.

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